Investing definition | Types of investing | How to start invest

    Investing definition

    Investing definition

    Hi Friends I am Amit Rajput today we will talk about all these related topics given below, you must have read a lot of block posts, but in this you will get to read something differently, we will try that in the easiest language Explain

    • Investing definition
    • Type of investing.
    • Why should be invest?
    • How to start invest.
    • Where is best to invest.

    Investing definition

    Investing is such an art, with the help of which anyone can become financially free, investment means putting your money in a place that can give us more money than we have invested in the future, that is what we called investing. Money making work is called investment, we get more money by investing on investing and we get more money on the money we invest, we call it return and if you want any money in future Don’t worry, if we areabsolutely financiallyfree, then you must invest.

    Type of investing

    1. PPF public provident fund

    PPF is considered to be the best and Secure Long Term Investment in India as there is also Totally Texfree  Fully Granted by Central Government India PPF account can be opened from any bank or post office, within this we can get 5000 to 150000 every We can deposit the year together or with a minimum of 12 installments and we have to do it for a fixed 15 years, whose locking period is there, and after that we can extend it for 5 years, it gets interest from 8% to 9%. Its first advantage is that it gets tax tax of EEE, Triple E means Exempt means EEE in PPF, which gives us ourinvestment amount is the rate of interest andour majority income is what gives us tax exemption which is one of the. It is considered to be the best taxing savings and second benefit is that we also get loan facility in it. For 3 years to 6 years, an investor can also take a loan on the basis of this investment.

     2. Direct equity or share

    You want to know how to buy a jackal or stock before it is bought online. If you know this, then investing in direct stocks can be a best option for you. If you look at the long time point of view, then the direct Investing in stocks is risky
    But investing in long time gives good returns like investing for 15 years and 20 years, you can get high returns.

     There are 2 ways to invest in equity.

    Primary market.
    When a company starts a share for the first time, it is called Initial Public Offering which comes under the primary market.
    Secondary market.
    In the secondary market, we price shares of the company that are listed on the Allredy Stock Exchange.

    3. Bonds

    A bonds is a a financial instrument showing the indebtetednees of the issuing body towards its holders. Bonds are generally secured by collateral in bonds low interest rate because risk factor is very low in bonds and bones issued by government agencies , financial institutions, Corporation etc Bonds can have accrued payment meaning that when the bonuses have a majority period, then the entire amount will be collected with the interest which is the principal amount, then it is available only on the majority date.You must invest in bonds because it is safe, but you must do a good research about the company because your returns will depend on the performance of the company.
    Type of bonds
    • Floating rate Bonds
    • Fixed rate bonds
    • Inflation index Bonds
    • Option bonds

     4. mutual fund

    A mutual fund is a mutual fund that runs an asset management company that we can call a Honda House or a fund manager. Mutual funds do this by collecting funds from individual investors and giving them different stock bonds. Invests in it and distributes the returns it receives to the investor according to their investment amount and for all this service, they take a commission. 
    The mutual fund is an advantage that it reduces the risk because there is a comparison to direct investment. Fund managers of mutual funds invest the money in different bond stocks so that if a stock falls below the value of the abounds, then it does not matter much because the rest of the investment has to be given by the main people who invest in the mutual fund. There is no knowledge or time about the stock market, this is the best option for those who want to enter equity or debt market.

    5. Real estate

    Inside this, we buy land property buildings and after some time we sell it at a high price and the profit we get is what you call the capital gain real estate industry is on rapid growth in India according to an individual investor. Buying a flat or plot from us may be the best option for our investment portfolio. The real estate industry is also called the money making industry in the world because this industry gets 30% to 100% returns in these but earns such a high profit. Investor should do a lot of property search only then someone should buy a property Mostly in the place where there is a chance of getting prizes high in the next 5 to 10 years, then real estate can be the best option for your portfolio investment.

    6. Gold

    Gold is an average gain investment product that always has liquidity. The gold deposit scheme was announced in the 2015 budget. Investors can invest in it. Investors will get 3% to 5% interest in this gold bonds in exchange for minimum 200 grams of gold bonds. Which will be tax free, there is a locking period in it. 3 to 7 years means before that, the investor will not get cold back. There is no capital gains tax or wealth tariff on gold bonds which is amount in which the investor gets his own amount of cash or gold. Can also take the form
    We can invest in Gold in any form.
    • Gold deposit scheme
    • Gold ETF
    • Gold bar
    • Gold Mutual Fund

    7. Post office Saving Scheme

    This investment is considered to be a best long term investment for the Government Employed Salaried Class and those doing business as it is a comment saving scheme, so it has very little ricks in it, it gets medium rate of interest, so you can relax in it. Invest because it is very low rix.
    Some popular post office saving schemes.
    • National Saving Scheme
    • Recurring deposit
    • Senior citizen Saving Scheme
    • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana 

    8. Insurance plan

    The concept of insurance has come from common butt share ricks. Insurance in insurance is an agreement in which the company guarantees that in any health related issue and Tate, it was given to us by adding the money we invested and its returns, if you believe that the future I can get you an issue related to help and if the expenses of the house are run by you only, then this investment can be a best option for you and nowadays many people are opting for the insurance plan.
    Advantage :- best option for compensation in case of loss of life or properties
    Disadvantage:- less liquidity , long lock in period ,pressure of continous premium payment , less or moderate return .
    Also read

     why should we invest. 

    We know that due to insulation, our saving money gets blown up year after year and if we want to avoid it, then we have to invest the saved money,
     we invest our money with our saving money. With the help of investment, we can make all our finance goals, ie all the dreams related to money and we can be financially free and the benefit of investment is that we can save our money every year due to rising inflation. 
    We can stop the shortage in buying power, apart from this we can make a lot of money by investing and taking advantage of the power of compounding. With the interest of money, you can make interest, with this man can achieve financialfreedom in his life.
    Another biggest reason for investing is that we cannot always work till the age of 60 or 65, we all have to take retirement, so when we are not working, then do not depend on anyone for our expenses. Rather, we can have a financially free life with the returns of our invested money, so we should invest

    How to start invest.

    You can also start investing with a small amount, that means if you do not have much money, you can start with a small amount, ie $ 20, and we should start investing with a small amount, whenever we are new in anything. If there is a lot of possibility of mistakes from us, then when you start with a small amount, then your mistakes will not be as expansive and you will also learn by doing slowly and in the beginning you have to invest with your pocket money. There is no need to start by taking a loan. You should not invest any money that you need to have a short time. If possible, you should put an emergency savings fund in the side so that you do not have to sell any emergency time stokes.

    Where is best To invest.

    We should invest only 15 years before investing and by analyzing the past performance and present performance of the company and the future of the company, a large and stable company is good to invest in the beginning because it is very secure even if we have little return in it. But the chances of sinking money are very less like TCS , Reliance Industries ,Infosys  HDFC Bank , Hindustan Unilever , ICICI Bank , Kotak Mahindra Bank , State Bank of India , Bajaj Finance ETC. 

    How to pick best stock 

    We should buy well before looking at the company’s performance and the performance near it, you will adjust you to use this tickertape because it is very easy, you can analyze any company better than it is in the market nowadays. There are many tools available which can help us in analyzing any company.For beginners I suggest invest in large company and stable company

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