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What is communication skill

What is communication skills 

Communication skill is a black conversation which a person can easily and faithfully explain to a person or a communication skill is the skills of any person with the help of which that person is from any man or any function, Talking easily and well in an event, stage program is called communication skills.
Having good communication skills opens up a lot of opportunities in our life and opens up many avenues to move forward in life.You can crack big deals with communication, you can inspire people, make your relationship better and win someone’s heart.

How to improve communication skills

Top 10 strategy to improve communication skills

1. open body

This point is that when you talk with someone in a conversation, keep an open body, such as use hand moving means when you are talking, you keep changing your hands according to the recording. Confident on talking and telling the truth.

2. The flooding smile

The Platting Smile Technique says that while meeting anyone, our facial expression only shows the front person how much we are interested in meeting them and has played the biggest role in this Ismail This smile has given us the front real When a person or a fake person does a show, it is a technique that when you meet someone, look at his face for 2 seconds, take a pause and then smile big and responsive. Is for

3. Sticky eyes

Sticky Eye Technique says that when you talk to someone, you contact the eye for a long time until the person is finished talking and keep in mind that you do not have to stare at that person, just keep the natural eye contact. This shows them that you are interested in their words.

4. The latest news ( don’t leave home without it)

The latest news technic says that whenever you go to any social gathering or to meet anyone, before you go either read the latest event or about the current topic or see them such as New Government Policies, Environment Issues. , Stock market, international news, latest or upcoming movies etc. Do read a little bit about all these, you will have a lot of topics to talk to anyone and after talking, the person in front will understand that you are a knowledgeable person who has a lot of knowledge about different topics.
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5. Hello!! old friend

If you meet someone for the first time, then say hello friend .
 When you meet someone, it is as if you already know him or he has been your friend who has met after a long time, if you start converting by doing the same imaginable If you do, then you will feel more confident and energetic and this thing will make the person sleep that you are a positive, confident and energetic person who makes people feel comfortable in the first meeting because people do not matter how much you know. But rather it matters how much you want them and how much you care for them.

6. Limit fidget

Fidget means changing the position of the hand repeatedly such as moments or body language while talking, looking around while talking, or not to come to contact when this thing shows you a nervous or on-confident person. If you do such actions, then the person in front will feel that you are not telling the truth.

7. Never the naked  city

This technic says that if you ever meet someone, do not answer the question asked by him in a line, if someone asks you where you are from, then to make an interest in the conversion, you can use the name of your city with the name of a little city. Tell more about the interesting fact and ask the person in front about their city in detail, it will make you feel that you are a good conversationalist.

8. HANS’S  horse sense

This technic says that you have to observe people, how people are reacting to your things. Always look at the person in front of you, how he is responding to you and if he is showing interest in your words, if the interest is Conversation is to be done only when you are doing a show, if you are not doing an interesting show, then you have to change the topic or ask them something, you will not be bor with that person.

9. Match the mood

Whenever you meet someone, first of all, after seeing them, you can guess how the person in front is in the mood and then match your mood with his mood if one of your friends has a breakup or job has gone and tell you your point. If you have not been talking about it in a funny way, then look at the mood of the front and talk about the mood, but it seems that you do not have a word to say anything, just listen to the person in front of it. People will like to share their point with you because you really listen and like them.

10. Predetermine your mind to success

It points out that if we can imagine ourselves as a conference leader public leader, then Hundred Percent Guarantee that we will achieve that vision. A good communicator can imagine his public audience beforehand. How will he prepare the speech topics and how will he deliver the speech on stage and what value will he provide for his audience, so we should prepare beforehand how we will deliver the speech

How to control conversation

Communication skill is a leadership skill You can control any conversion in such a way that if you are talking to someone, then you should not keep negative thoughts about the person in front because many people catch the thing that this person is thinking wrong about us. And then that person will think that you should stay away from it, so keep an open body in the convention, keep positivity and do not give negative opinion to any question at all and do not discuss anything to a person and ask interesting questions about the person in front. Have been

All this habit should let you go

  • Never close body
  • Don’t be afraid to speak
  • No negative opinion
  • Don’t judge any person
  • Do not look much here at the time of conversion
  • Do not smile too bright and fancy at the time of conversion

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